How to Updates Colourful text-based Status on WhatsApp


How to Updates Colourful text-based Status on WhatsApp – Finally WhatsApp publicly rolled out Of its colourful text-based status update feature today. Before Update select users have already been testing this feature for some time. You can get it already on WhatsApp version 2.17.306. So, manually checking for the update by navigating to Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS may not work.

WhatsApp has rolling out this new update and made it a lot easier. So following below steps for updates Colourful text-based Status on WhatsApp :

  1. First Open your Phone WhatsApp App.
  2. Then Click On Status Tab.
  3. Now you can see pencil icon at the bottom of your screen.
  4. Now Click On Pencil icon and now You will come across a Notepad-like interface to write whatever you want and publish.
  5. Done..!!!

You can also add links in your status which will be clickable, also customise your text’s font. You can choose five fonts in Text Status update feature. In addition to, you can insert emojis and change the background colour. So still you can add images to your status and add emojis, and colourful texts on them.


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