Trusted Contacts App – Using Google’s New App Now You can share your location with loved ones


Trusted Contacts App – Using Google’s New App Now You can share your location with loved ones. Google has launched personal safety app where using app You can share your location with loved ones. Whether it’s hiking alone or walking down a street after dark — sometimes you want to know someone’s got your back. You feel safe and give peace of mind to your friends and family today, we’re launching Trusted Contacts. The new personal safety app, you can share your location with loved ones everyday situations. Also The app will work even if your phone is offline.

After installing the app for your close friends and family “trusted” status might add. Contact limit is 50, but Google hopes that most people will choose to use just 5 or 6. Your trusted contacts will be able to see where their activity but enitrely this feature is opt-in at any point and you can deny access to your location.If you find yourself in a situation where you feel unsafe, you can share your actual location with your trusted contacts. And if you are really worried about your trusted contacts, they can request to see your location. If everything’s fine, you can deny the request. your location is shared automatically to your loved ones when you’re unable to respond within a reasonable timeframe. Of course, you can stop sharing your location or change your trusted contacts whenever you want.

You trust your contacts, share the location at the end of which you will be able to see real-time location to any of your location can broadcast at any moment.

You just need a little reassurance or you are really in an emergency, trusted contacts helps people connect with you most care about – often you need them most. Download Trusted Contacts App today from the Play Store.



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