Top 5 Android App Stores


Google Play is the main stream app store for android devices. Almost all the people uses Google’s Play Store to download various applications. Mostly all the applications are available on Play Store but applications such as beta apps or applications which require root permissions and do malicious work are not included by default by Google’s Play Store.You can read/follow/download other apps on Today we are listing top 5 Play Store Alternatives which are as follow:

GetAPK Market

This is one of the best application to download apks directly on your smartphone without the use of browser. The store is not as responsive as Google Play Store but does the job. It also lets you use paid applications with side loading the APK, although all paid apps are not available on the store.

Opera Mobile Store

It comes from the developers of Opera Mini Web Browser. The app marketplace is a great place to be an alternative to play store. Users of Opera browser do get an added benefit of some discounts based on their profile with Opera. There are also older versions of popular apps available on the store.


Premium apps for free is a huge task but this app store does it for you. Develoers usually use this website/app store to offer paid apps for free for promotion of their applications. All the applications available here on the store is also offered on Play Store. Hence if you are planning to use AppBrain then do note that you will be just using this for added support of free paid apps. Also they provide extensive info about all the applications you download from here.


Free – Android store focuses on offering all the different free and open source applications. Developers who are just starting and don’t want to prefer Google Play Store can easily use F-Droid store. The app store is run by volunteers and also relays on donation so it will not be a huge deal if we found it dead after a few years. Also it can be hugely successful if volunteers kept up their work.


They also have a large user base as it supports many different languages hence people wanting to use a store with their native languages opt for the same. They have also used intelligent recommendation engine using Artificial Intelligence which can easily sense your preferences and will be able to make sensible suggestions.

These are the best 5 play store alternatives which you can use to download various applications. Do let us know about your thoughts on the same in the comment section below. If you are having any issue in downloading and using these app stores do reach out to us for help.


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