Top 3 innovation by Google


We can say that Google is one of the most innovating companies in the world.

And, we can also say that development of algorithm based search engines is the biggest innovation with the help of internet.

Google helps us to solve all of the queries, gain knowledge and connect with individuals and companies across the globe through their podium. It has certainly been the biggest push for the norm of Globalization.

Innovations such as driverless cars, ad network and much more has changed the way we live our life. Talking about changes in life that has been possible because of Google, here we list out top 3 innovation by google  that has certainly changed the way we live our the life.

The innovations are stated as follows –

  1. Google AD- Network –

This is said to be one of the biggest innovation in the history of Google. It has helped to attain information by people across the world in from blogs by luring them with high CPC based ad platform called Google Adsense.  An opportunity has also been provided to businesses across the globe to promote their products by putting ads through an Ad-Network called Adwords. Adwords work on the search engine network with certain keywords and only charges businesses for an action taken on the ad, whereas getting your ads on blogs across the search engine depending on your network.

  1. Google Account Manager  –

Another innovation on our list by Google has been account manager that has helped Smartphone users to manage Google account and synchronize them on their own phone.  You can act as an admin and control the system in cloud space on your own and manage needs accordingly. One of the crucial activities of the account manager is that it remembers all the passwords. It also allows you to check and delete your past activities. You can download Google Account Manager for Android 6.0

  1. Google Email –

This innovation has almost eliminated the need of letters to send across business messages or to inform people about a situation. Google and innovation have been a synonym which has changed the way our lives function. Gmail (Google email) helps you to send messages, business proposals, and much more to any registered user across the globe in seconds.  The google email has also led to other products such as Google Hangout, Google Duo, and much more.

Conclusion –

In this article, we have talked about top 3 innovations by Google that has spearheaded our life and how we communicate. If you guys want to list other innovations by google, just comment and we will add them up accordingly. Thank you for reading.


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