Steps To Activate Whatsapp Two Step Verification Security Feature


Steps To Activate Whatsapp Two Step Verification Security Feature – Whatsapp is coming with new security feature where you can secure your files & necessary data. After Enable Two Step Verification, no one can use your whatsapp account without your permission.

Two-step verification is an optional feature that adds more security to your account. When you have two-step verification enabled, any attempt to verify your phone number on WhatsApp must be accompanied by the six-digit passcode that you created using this feature. After enabling this feature, you can also optionally enter your email address. This email address will allow WhatsApp to send you a link via email to disable two-step verification in case you ever forget your six-digit passcode, and also to help safeguard your account.

WhatsApp highly recommend you provide an accurate email address so that you’re not locked out of your account if you forget your passcode.

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Steps To Activate Whatsapp Two Step Verification Security Feature

  1. First Open your WhatsApp In your Phone.
  2. Click On Setting >> Account >> Now You can see Two Step verification Feature & Click On it.
  3. After Click On it, you will be asked to enable this feature & Click On Enable.
  4. Now Enter any 6 digit passcode & Click On Next.
  5. Again enter 6 digits as you entered on Step 4. Click on “Next”
  6. Then Enter your Email id & Click On next.
  7. Now Again enter your email id as you entered on step 6. Click on “Next”
  8. Done..!!  “Two-step verification is enabled”.
You Can Disable This WhatsApp Two Step Verification Using below Steps :-
  • Click On Settings >> Account >> “Two Steps Verification” Click On It.
  • Now You can see 3 option Like This :-
  1. Disable
  2. Change Passcode
  3. Change email address
  • Click On Disable.

You have successful disable this two Steps Verification Steps.

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