Review from the Web feature introduces in Google search


Review from the Web

Recently Google has added a new feature into its mobile search results. ‘Review from the Web,’ the feature shows user-generated content from third-party websites in the mobile search results.

Review from the Web
Review from the Web

The company will show user reviews on places, TV shows, restaurants, movies and more from up to three websites and show them in the results directly.

“Today, we’re introducing Reviews from the web to local Knowledge Panels. To accompany our recently launched best-of lists and critic reviews features. Whether your site publishes editorial critic reviews, best-of places lists, or aggregates user ratings. This content can be featured in local Knowledge Panels when users are looking for places to go,” reads a company blog post.

Company was earlier criticized for allowing only critic reviews on its engine. while sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor were ineligible since their content and reviews were user-generated.Google’s new update will now include sites with user-driven reviews as long as the sites implement Google’s review snippet markup.

Google will also collect its own reviews which will be among the three review sources. The other two being critics and third-party review sites. Qualified critics will be able to display their reviews in the search engine’s Rich cards which are large boxes with an embedded snippet of the review.


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