Pixel Launcher 2.0 is Now Available for Non-Rooted Device (Android 8.0 features)


Pixel Launcher 2.0 is Now Available for Non-Rooted Device – A few months ago we covered a port of pixel launcher, which was made available for those devices which were not able to install it from the Play Store. This port continued to be updated throughout the month but the Reddit user Amirzed said that once they came back, they will continue to make Android Oreo public.

With the introduction of this week, we thought this update would take more time to come out, but luckily it was not so and version 2.0 of the launcher is now available. The initial port worked a lot, but with the help of another developer named DeleteScape, they were able to do some work for the public. With the experience already received, AmirZ says that he has been working nonstop in these past two days and now the initial release of Pixel Launcher 2.0 update is available.

Download Pixel Launcher 2.0

Download Pixel Launcher 2.0

Pixel Launcher features added to Launcher3

  • QSB with transparent rectangle, Google Pill and Date/Weather
  • Different colours of notification dots
  • Filter Google Wallpapers and Voice Search from the apps list
  • Use Google Wallpapers to select a wallpaper when available
  • Device profiles, margins, icon counts
  • Disabled partner customization like Motorola’s 4 columns
  • Google Now feed on the left of the normal workspace
  • Google Calendar app icon with the date


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