Mac Data Recovery Using EaseUS


Mac Data Recovery Using EaseUS – This is true that the time we currently live in is very advanced in terms of technology. Today, technology has answers to most of our problems. We make mistakes, learn from them so we can create a good solution. That’s how the thing works in case of technology.  Anyways,  today we are going to discuss the data loss problem. Many technical experts keep reminding to always keep an up-to-date backup of your important files, folders, media, etc but very few of them actually implement the advice. It’s truly said that we understand the importance of something when we don’t have that thing anymore with us.

Recovery Data losses can happen due to various reasons! It can be an accidental deletion, fire, theft, hard disk crash or some other issues. If you have earlier faced any issue as such or are currently present in such “data loss situation” then we recommend you to give a try to EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard For Mac. The product is available for other operating systems too.

EaseUS Data Recovery can help you restore almost all of your files and that includes email,  audio, video, document, etc. This post will be mainly focused on free version as that satisfies the demands of an average user. There are also other two versions available and they are Pro ($89. 95) and Bootable media one (129.90). Note: The prices may change from time to time depending upon the decisions made by the community.

Program Features:

The main feature of the program is to of course recover the lost old files. On the other hand, you can also save the files from various outside sources like external drives (HDD or SSD),  iPods, memory cards,  Mackbook and Mac.

In case your files are not restored in the normal data loss situation from the trash then there are other options which aim to retrieve some serious amount of data loss which took place from the system. Lets check out the different cases:

1) Formatted or RAW Mac Recovery

  1. A) The format partition or the external storages, that includes, SD Card, memory card, CF card, etc.
  2. B) If you strike with the unexpected error, “Media/Drive is not formatted, would you like to format now?”
  3. C) The sudden storage formatting caused due to some virus attack or installation of Mac device

2) Mac Partition Recovery

  1. A) One can restore the partition lost information as the partitions have got deleted
  2. B) If the partitioner is hidden/inaccessible then also you can restore your desired files.
  3. C) If you want, you can retrieve the files from deleted partition with the help of Mac Disk management tool.

3) Different Other Cases

  1. A) The losing of data caused due to reinstallation, system crash or Mac OS upgradation and some other related issues
  2. B) If there has been lost of data due to power cutoffs, unexpected removal of memory card, software failure.
  3. C) Few other issues include new device installation, ACCESS Denied error or media card error or related to the image.


In short, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac is a good choice for the restoration of your old deleted files due to any of the above mentioned reasons. It will most probably work well and satisfy your demand. Before we end up this article, it’s to note that the free version only provides 2 GB of recovery amount. If you have large your storage space, then switch to Pro or Bootable versions.


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