How To Download Pan Card Online


A PAN card is a fundamental document in our everyday life, with various monetary exchanges requiring its utilization, be it for salary purposes, buys of merchandise surpassing a specific sum or just to store/withdraw money. Given its utilization, the vast majority of us tend to convey it to us, presenting it to the risk of harm/burglary/misfortune. We regularly run over instances of individuals losing their PAN cards every day, which is the reason the legislature has executed adequate measures, ensuring that a duplicate PAN isn’t difficult to get.

When to apply for a duplicate PAN card Online

You will in all likelihood need to apply for a duplicate PAN card when your card gets lost, misplaced, stolen, damaged, or when your present PAN card has mistakes that should be rectified, for example, your name, PAN subtle elements, and so forth. You can also do Pan Card Download.

The procedure for applying for a duplicate PAN is exceptionally basic. Regardless of whether you are an individual, the assemblage of people, relationship of people, trust, constrained risk association, or a Hindu Undivided Family, you can apply by heading off to the official site of Tax Information Network – National Securities Depository Limited (TIN – NSDL) of the Income Tax Department.

When you lose your PAN card, you will initially need to document a FIR. Next, you should ask for a reproduce of your PAN by providing your old PAN card number and a duplicate of your FIR. Numerous individuals are not prepared to experience this legitimate procedure. Consequently, they rather apply for another PAN card.

People/trusts/HUFs who wish to apply for a duplicate PAN card or republish a current card by virtue of harms can do as such by following a couple of basic advances. One should take note of this should be possible just on the off chance that they have been designated a PAN card, which by virtue of specific reasons should be republished. In such cases, the Permanent Account Number doesn’t change, with just another card with different adjustments (assuming any) gave.

How to Download PAN Card online?

Whenever NSDL and UTIITSL reported the dispatch of the new administration of giving e-PAN to candidates while they apply for another card, it ended up being an alleviation to many. On the off chance that somebody has lost or misplaced their PAN card, they can download an e-PAN card in PDF design.

They should simply take after the means specified beneath:

  • Candidates need to sign on to
  • The subsequent stage is to fill in points of interest like name, telephone number, and email ID on a shape that shows up on the screen.
  • Once, the candidate presents the shape, the e-PAN card will be sent to them visa email in PDF organize.
  • The candidate would then be able to download the e-PAN card from their mail.

Final Words

In this article, we have talked about the importance of Pan Card, how to download it online. Let us know other important features of Pan Card if we have missed out on any of it. Thank you for reading.


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