[Google Search Update] Find Your Inside Apps info From New Search In Apps


Find Your Inside Apps info From New Search In Apps

[dropcap]Android has been an awesome system as it is handled by the World’s biggest search provider engine Google.nowadays android has become more powerful device with a good hardware upgradation,and on other hand various applications are coming for almost every human activities as well as services or older apps improving for the sake of an easier use to their user the sizes & number of apps are increasing.[/dropcap]

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With this rich no of apps it becomes very complex sometimes to find content or info in App.So here is the solution from Google with the release of its new update in the Google search app as “Search In Apps”allowing you to also search in app from your device.To access it, Just navigate to Google Search ,tap on In Apps option,and search it.

Here are a few examples of what you can do with this new search mode:

  • Find your contacts and messages. Easily find the friend you want to catch up with, or the name of the new sushi place that your friend told you about last month — just search for [sushi] and find the message.
  • Listen. to your favorite running song or watch that sneezing panda video for the 15th time — all in one place.
  • Stay organized. with your tasks and notes. Want to check off items on your grocery list? No problem, just search for [groceries].



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