How to Enable Google Assistant on Android Marshmallow 6.0 and Nougat 7.0 devices


How to Enable Google Assistant on Android Marshmallow 6.0 and Nougat 7.0 devices. Earlier When Google Allo lauched in Google I/O, people were actually most impressed – not only by the messaging platform’s features, but more by the Google Assistant companion that accompanied it. It was the first glimpse we got of an entity that’s slated to reside not only in Allo, but also in Google Home and Pixel devices.


Google Assistant is Google’s answer to Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa. Google Assistant can be triggered with only a long press on the home key, and all you need to do then is speak same like “OK Google”.


Alright, let’s come to the point. If you are looking for a way to get this new Google Assistant on your non-Pixel device, then look no further! here We will be showing you all a way by XDA Developers which can easily convert your non-Pixel device into a Pixel one, quite literally! Initially, users running Android Nougat 7 could enable Google Assistant by tweaking the build.prop file, but hours later Xposed module ‘Android N-ify’ beta enabled the feature, bringing it to all the Android Marshmallow devices as well.

Warning: You must keep in your mind that this is an unofficial workaround and Google Assistant is not officially available for Android Nougat 7 and Android Marshmallow users so there may be a possibility that this may break or brick your device. We will not be responsible for any harm caused to your device. If you do not understand what you are doing, it is best that you don’t do it and Have a complete backup of your device before going ahead further.


  1. Android with Custom Recovery like TWRP,CWM or Philz.
  2. Root Access by Flashing SuperSu Zip.
  3. Working Xposed Framework(For Android Marshmallow)
  4. Root File Explorer( ES File Explorer,Solid Explorer,FX File Explorer,X-plore File Manager,Root Browser available at Play Store)

Android Nougat(7.0):

Initially before starting Nougat users should have an updated latest Google App( or newer)with anyone Rooted File Explorer as mentioned above then follow any of this two methods:

Method 1:Manual Editing

You can find out its official post on developers page : XDA Forum

  1. Open Rooted File Explorer(ayone from :ES File ExplorerSolid ExplorerFX File ExplorerX-plore File ManagerRoot Browser)
  2. Now, navigate to the System location, and find a file named build.prop.
  3. Just Add or Replace this files on your build.prop as below:
    ro.product.model=Pixel XL

4.Reboot Your Device.

Google Assistant on Nougat __pic courtesy-tech.firstpost
Method 2:Flashing Zip’s

Here the XDA developer has made 2 flashable zip files that will install and activate the new Google Assistant automatically. They will write “ro.opa.eligible_device=true” & change the model to Pixel automatically + making a backup of your current build.prop and not touching your original build.prop settings.
These zip files will basically do everything mentioned in the new method of the OP and change your model to “Pixel” to get the assistant work correctly.

  1. Download the 3 Files from Android Filehost
  2. Copy all 3 Files to your device
  3. Now reboot to the Recovery Mode(vary for every devices)
  4. First flash
  5. Then flash (this will install the “tweak.prop” into your build.prop)
  6. Reboot to system.
  7. Invoke Your Assistant by long press on home button.

Android Marshmallow:

Google Assistant on Marshmallow __pic courtesy-tech.firstpost
  1. Make sure that your device has custom recovery like TWRP or CWM and the Xposed framework must be flashed.
  2. Go to Jenkins website to download the latest APK of “Android N-ify” built from source.
  3. Install “Android N-ify” module (Uninstall the older version first).
  4. Reboot your device to activate the Xposed module.
  5. Download the latest Google App and after installing it Clear Data of Google App from Settings or App info.
  6. Invoke the Google assistant by long pressing on the home button.

Thats it!! congratulations you have successfully enabled Google Assistant in your device running on Android Nougat(7.0) or Android Marshmallow(6.0),please share this post with the ones who know this all or are interested in this on Whats app,Facebook and Twitter.


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