Warning! Don’t Click On Fake BSNL 4G data Offer Link


Warning! Don’t Click On Fake BSNL 4G data Offer Link. Have you been getting this message on WhatsApp proclaiming that BSNL is giving free 4G data and voice calls for 1 year. This Fake message is a scam and contains a virus, So Don’t get your hopes up.

Don’t Click On Fake BSNL 4G data Offer Link

The spam message look like this one: “BSNL 4G ExPress SIM Launched. With every 4G ExPress SIM you get unlimited data and calls for 1 year, with additional freebies. BSNL 4G ExPress SIM features : Unlimited 4G Internet, unlimited calls, unlimited SMS, 4G internet speed upto 10 Mbps and free SIM card. Get your FREE BSNL 4G ExPress SIM Card Today. Offer is valid till 31st Dec, 2016. Register Now : http://bsnI.co/express”

Jio Has forced to other company like Airtel, Idea and Vodafone to pull up their socks and unveil new plans and tariffs in order to compete with Jio’s revolutionary pricing. We wish it was true and BSNL was also following in the footsteps of Jio but it is nothing but a bogus message.

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Fake message Link will redirect you to a fake website, Which prompts you to enter your personal details such as phone number, address, etc.

Have You Got This message on WhatsApp ? So Don’t Click On Fake BSNL 4G data Offer Link. There are so many unwanted vulnerabilities may expose your smartphone & also phishing scams that aim to gain control of your personal information like your Google account, email account, credit card details and so on. So Share This Article with your friends & family members About This Fake Malicious Offer Links.

Never enter your personal information unless you are sure that the website is authentic. So Beware of such fraudulent scams link.


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