Xiaomi’s Smart Shoes Powered by Intel


Xiaomi’s Smart Shoes

Xiaomi has introduced 90 Minutes Ultra Smart running shoes powered by Intel Curie module under its Mi Ecosystem which is also known as MIJIA on its Mi Home crowd funding platform.

Xiaomi Smart Shoes
Xiaomi Smart Shoes

The shoes have been developed in China by the Shanghai RunMi Technology Co. Ltd and is made of foam-like material offering cushion effect suitable for runners. It has heel-piece air cushion, antibacterial removable insole, scattering heel-piece landing impact, and then turning into the spring-back energy.

The Intel Curie model has 32-bit Intel Quark SE SoC that runs for extended periods on a coin-sized battery, has built-in 6-axis combo sensor and Bluetooth LE to connect to smartphones. It also comes with 384kB flash memory and 80kB SRAM.

It can detect movement and store data such as distance covered, speed, calories lost. It can also detect when the user is running, walking or climbing. It promises up to 60 days of battery life.

The Xiaomi 90 Minutes Ultra Smart sport shoes comes in black, surf blue color, black and pink colors. The special blue colored version has luminous material that offers cool shadow for running at night. It is priced at 299 Yuan (US$43 / Rs. 2880 approx.), is available for order will start shipping by April 15th, 2017.


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