The World’s First Germ Killing Blue – UV Light Ball Orb


UV Light Ball Orb For Germ Killing

Orb emits blue 405nm light and low intensities of UV-A light. This spectrum has been proven to kill germs that can cause disease—like fungus/mold, bacteria, algae, and their spores. The Orb is the size of a ping pong ball, and fits inside many products that would otherwise be difficult to disinfect. Its spherical design allows it to send light in all directions. And it’s waterproof. These attributes make the Orb very useful at inactivating, killing, and inhibiting the growth of germs inside the products you use every day.

Blue/UV light kills harmful germs.

Our light should not be confused with UV-C (100nm-280nm), which is used in industrial applications as a germicide, or with UV-B (280-315nm), which is the skin cancer-causing type of UV emitted from the sun and is used for sterilization. Our light peaks at 405nm and tails off in low intensities to 435nm and 375nm (UV-A), making it very effective at killing/deactivating/and inhibiting the growth of microbes while still being safe for humans to use everyday.

By using this we can remove harmful germs from Baby Products, Sneakers, Form Refrigerators, For Humidifier.

You know that humidifier you “cleaned” 3 weeks ago? Read the user guide. You’re supposed to clean it quite often—so often it might as well be a part time job. Now think about the other products you use daily but don’t clean enough. Sneakers, pet bowls, washable water bottles, meat and veggie drawers…. The Orb is perfect for disinfecting these things.


Microbe-infested baby products? No more!

Putrid sneakers? No more!

Food molding ahead of schedule? Extend its life!

Fish food (algae) and other microbes in your humidifer can make you chronically sick if it's not kept super clean.



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