WhatsApp for Android Beta Update Adds ‘Verified Business’ Accounts features


WhatsApp’s Verified Business Accounts Feature Spot in beta version – WhatsApp for Android will have come back with new interesting features ‘Verified Business’ Accounts in beta version. WhatsApp’s Verifies Business Account has not been officially launched but the company has shared some details regarding the same. In a FAQ Page about WhatsApp’s new features.

Some business accounts have been verified by WhatsApp. If you see a green badge next to a contact’s name, it means that WhatsApp has confirmed that the phone number of this contact belongs to a business account. WhatsApp will also let you know when you start talking to a business via yellow messages inside a chat. There is no way to delete these messages from the chat.

If you already have a business’s phone number saved in your address book, the name you will see is the name you have saved in your address book. If you don’t have a business’s phone number saved in your address book, the name you will see is the name the business has chosen for themselves. If you’d like to stop a business from contacting you, you can block them.

According to Report, the new “Business Info” section, which can be seen in the image above, will come with information like the address of the business, the real name of the business, the email address of the business, and its website. If the business account is on Instagram, you will also be presented with a link to that profile.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp for android beta adds ‘Verified Business‘ accounts feature, which will see a green tick mark beside the profile. The verification feature is only limited to a few businesses who are part of the pilot program. With new updates, businesses can set work hours to leave the ‘away’ message when they are also unavailable and to manage automatic messages. There can be many websites in a business account. In that case, there will be a ‘Show More’ button to read all the details of the business, including hours of work and business category.


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