Twitter Live Video Feature Adds – Go Live on Twitter Using Periscope


Twitter Live Video Feature Adds – Go Live on Twitter Using Periscope – Twitter update adds live video integration from Periscope. According to the Twitter blog post, Now you can create and tweet live video from the Twitter app Using Periscope. Twitter update adds live video feature to version 6.26.0, available now in Google Play.

For using this feature, firstly Click On the Compose tweet button, then tap the camera icon.At the top of your gallery, you will see a new icon for Live. Tapping that will bring up the pre-broadcast screen, where you can frame up your shot, compose your tweet and then hit Go Live to start broadcasting. If you already install Periscope then tapping the Live icon in your gallery, This is just a temporary fix, while Twitter is integrated live video feature roll out.

Note that you live perhaps anyone on Twitter or periscope, however, is looking for: not just followers. However, pre-broadcast live video to you in the screen will have the opportunity to create a group. Just drop down on the top where it says tap public. When you are watching a live video on Twitter by tapping the screen and the heart will be able to comment.



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