Reliance Jio Offer After 31st March | Once Again Jio Nailed it


Reliance Jio Prime Offer Explained In Detail


How To Get Jio Prime Membership – Check Here

Reliance Jio Prime Offer Key News

  1. Reliance Jio Prime Member Fees :- 99Rs. (For 1 Year)
  2. Rs. 303 Pack customers Get their “Happy New Year offer” till 2018.
  3. For Prime Member you will pay 99 rs. from 1st March to 31 March. You Will pay for Prime member on, My Jio app or Offline Jio store.

-Jio users consumed more than 100Cr GB of data per month on the Jio network! That’s more than 3.3Cr GB a day

-India becomes number 1 in mobile data usage

On all of Jio’s tariff plans, all domestic voice calls to any network will always remain FREE

No roaming from April 1 when promo offer ends; to double data capacity in coming months

Jio PRIME Members can continue to use Happy New Year Plan till 2018

Jio Prime Members can continue enjoying the unlimited benefits of JIO NEW YEAR OFFER until 31st March, 2018.

JIO PRIME MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM: Customers can join us with a nominal fee of Rs 99 per year with us

JIO PRIME MEMBERSHIP: Only Jio Prime Members can get this tremendous value for 12 more months for only Rs 303 a month.

As per reports, Reliance Jio was working with Lava International and Chinese original equipment makers to manufacture VoLTE feature phones.

The phone is expected to sell at around Rs 1,000 (about $15).


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