Reliance Jio Free Offer Is Extended Till March 31 for New and Existing Customers


During an Event on Thursday, Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani said that jio is coming with new offer where users can now Enjoy Reliance Jio Free Offer till March 31 for New and Existing Customers. This offer is called as Jio Happy New Year offer & you will get free “unlimited” data, voice calls and messages to all Jio users until March 31. The offer will be extended to all consumers who decide to get a new Jio SIM from December 4.

This Jio Happy New Offer is also part of existing welcome offer & also continue to get the free services until December 31, although the offer will end on December 3, to meet the guidelines issued by TRAI. However, since December 31, users who are part of the welcome offer Happy New Year resolution will be moved. All jio users, whether the new ones or the existing ones, will get the Jio services free until March 31.

Mukesh Ambani also said that Jio now has over 52 million users. Ambani also said that since the beginning of the public trial, with interconnectivity problems facing competitors in the call with the Jio-services company has tried to sabotage.


Ambani Also said That “Thank you for trying Jio, thank you for improving the Jio and thank you for loving Jio.  Ambani has admitted that the live call and encountered problems with the data, although he said the company is fixing all the issues with the service. But live for now tweaking its free offer to consumers.

Unlike the Welcome Offer that allows a user to consumers 4GB data — actually 2GB as reported by users — the Happy New Year offer will give users 1GB data per day. Jio is giving lower than the earlier limit but Jio said that it is still 30 times more than what competitors offer. And it is free.



Ambani said the company in the past few months Jio usage patterns of users to carry out work and services to be better now. “92 percent of the customers to get top class speed and performance,” Ambani said. “But 8 per cent experience the congestion. We are now working to fix these problems. Jio will live up to the expectations of every single customer.” Ambani also highlighted the 1GB limit will improve services. “The 20 percent is the disproportionate amount of data, which creates problems for all users to use.

Ambani among its competitors in the telecommunications market and the ongoing riff Live mentioned. He said, as his rival 3 points did not offer enough to interconnect the 900 million calls were dropped. He also said that the call blocking rate went down from 90 percent to 20 percent and it is expected to improve further in the coming weeks.

Live with the SIM to activate Talking about the problem, Ambani said that currently live in the country of 2 million EKYC outlets capable.4 million in the coming numbers is planning to increase the number of outlets. 

You can get Reliance Jio Sim through Home Delivery. The Company will also coming with Mobile number portability for users who want to switch to Jio but also want to retain their mobile numbers. SIM can be activated via eKYC One time, Ambani said. “All the cities will be available until December 31, 2016.”


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