Pokémon GO First Huge Update Coming Soon This Week


Pokémon GO Update

Most popular game of 2016 Pokemon Go finally get update in this week. This update is first huge update after releasing the game.

In this update many things will comes. In this update 80+ new Pokémon comes. Many other items and many intresting features will added in this update.

A few other things the company confirmed:

1. New “evolution” items required to make certain Pokémon evolve are being added. Niantic tells me that evolution items will come from PokéStops, much like eggs/Pokeballs/etc. I wish they’d gotten a bit more creative there — it’s a good opportunity to add some sort of new gameplay mechanic.

2. Two new types of berries are coming: Nanab berries, which make Pokemon slower and thus easier to hit, and the Pinap Berry, which doubles the amount of candy you get if your next catch attempt is a success.

3. New avatar items — new hats, shirts, and pants are mentioned specifically.

4. They mentioned new “encounter gameplay”, but they didn’t shed too much light on what that means.

Visit Here For Update Download

They also released this trailer:


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