Nokia’s 5 Most Memorable Phones in History


Most Memorable Phones

Nokia was most popular brand in late 90’s to 2000. Phones makes history at that time. Company was most selling phones in that time. Now after coming android company was past.

Now again Company coming with New android phones in 2017. From all phones of Company we choose 5 Most memorable phones that makes history.

1.  3310

First phone of Company was 3310. This phone make history. This phone is most popular at that time. Around 126 million units sell to date.

nokia 3310
Nokia 3310

2. 1100

3310 was a big deal then the 1100 was a phenomenon. It was released three years later in 2003. This is the most solded phone in history around 250 million units.
This phone comes with LED tourch.

nokia 1100
Nokia 1100

3.  6600

6600 still is among the Top 10 most sold phones in the world it’s sell around 150 million units. This phones comes with camera and Symbian OS 7.0.

nokia 6600
Nokia 6600

4.  5200 and 5300

This phone come with slider technology. It’s sells around 30 million units.

nokia 5200 and 5300
Nokia 5200 and 5300

5.  E71

E71 was the company’s fitting response to the rise of the QWERTY-keyboard-wielding BlackBerrys in 2008.

nokia e71
Nokia e71

It had well-sized, tactile keys that made typing a breeze, and was a capable performer with a 369MHz ARM processor coupled with 128MB RAM that ran the Symbian 9.2 OS smoothly.
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