New Wireless Charging Technology Power Transmit Like WiFi


Next Generation Charging Technology By Disney

Here is the new way of charging technology. Next generation charging technology developed by Diseny Scientist. Now you can charge your electric gadgets easily.

“Quasistatic cavity resonance,” or QSCR, is said to wirelessly transmit power throughout a room that enables recharging through Wi-Fi, “eliminating the need for electrical cords or charging cradles.”

They safely generated near-field standing magnetic waves that filled the interior of the room, making it possible to power several cellphones, fans and lights simultaneously.
“This new innovative method will make it possible for electrical power to become as ubiquitous as Wi-Fi,” said Alanson Sample, associate lab director and principal research scientist at Disney Research.

According to the research and experiments this technology will be future of us.

“Our simulations show we can transmit 1.9 kilowatts of power while meeting federal safety guidelines,” Chabalko said, adding that this was equivalent to simultaneously charging 320 smart phones.


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