Lenovo will launch Chrome OS version of Yoga Book next year


According to Laptop Mag Report, Lenovo’s Android and Chrome computing Jeff Meredith, vice president and a business group has confirmed that the company will release Chrome OS version of Yoga Book in 2017. Currently, there is two version available in the Yoga Book. You can get it running Windows 10 or Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Apparently, his upcoming Chrome OS a “real pen” stylus support, which also allows owners to write on the tablet’s keyboard – A flat, pressure-sensitive surface – can be digitised so quickly scribbles. A Chrome OS model was in demand for a long time now. Lenovo already sells versions of Chrome OS to other devices in the totals line.

Meredith saying that the Chrome OS version of Yoga Book will be aimed at school children for educational purposes.Lenovo also has doubled down on improving the yoga book’software. Lenovo has not said when exactly we can expect new yoga book.


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