iOS 10 features


iOS 10 software features

Apple ioS system is all time popular for their software. Apple ios is best among all operating systems. All time when ios update came it’s came with new and interesting things. Now it’s came with iOS 10. Check here iOS 10 features.

This time it’s came with iOS 10. Now, new things happen when you swipe you can handle more tasks from the lock screen. Your iPhone will look and feel different with the iOS 10 software update.

Six Key Features added In iOS 10 software.

1.  New gestures
2. More from the lock screen
3. Communications
4. App integration
5. Redesigned apps
6. Dozens of tiny discoveries

1.  New gestures :-  Once Control Center is open swipe to left to get audio and video controls. Swipe left once more to control lights and other accessories through Apple’s HomeKit automation system.

By using lock screen you can access camera function now. Pulling it from bottom right corner.

2. More from the lock screen :- Now Screen turn on automatically when you lift up phone. Now more thing access possible in lock screen.

Now tapping the home button with fingerprint ID will unlock the phone.

3. Communications :- Message app is redesign offers more expression. After you type your message, hold the blue “up” arrow.You can give the message a “loud” effect, so that it briefly appears huge to the recipient.

If you send message on android phone or iphone without iOS 10 they don’t see that effect.

you can send animated doodles and hand written notes.

4. App integration :- Maps support for restaurant reservations and ride-hailing services. Siri now works with third party apps for messaging, ride hailing, workouts, photos, internet calling and payments services.

5. Redesigned apps :- Interface of map is improved. Prominent button for Directions appears once you type a destination. You can slide the card up for basics such as phone numbers and Yelp reviews. This used to require an extra tap or two.

Mail interface also changed. Now it’s better than older one.

6. Dozens of tiny discoveries :- Clock app update with new feature bed time. It’s warn you for sleep. Flashlight on the Control Center lets you adjust brightness if you have an iPhone 6S or 7. Just press hard on the icon. Other models don’t have this 3D Touch capability.

Photo apps has more option for searching and viewing.


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