India Tested Agni 5 Successfully


Agni 5 Indian Missile

Agni 5 India’s most capable missile was successfully test-fired at Kalam Island off Odisha coast. This missile is most capable missile in the history.

agni 5 Indian missile
Agni 5 Indian missile

This missile hits target over 5,000 Km away. This missile covers half world in their range.

This missile weight is 50 Tons, height is around 17 meter. Missile lunched from mobile platform. This missile carry 1tonn atom bomb.

This missile is made by DRDO. And this missile tested on 26/12/2016 at Kalam Island off Odisha coast.

Last missile testing also done from here. In 2012,2013,2015.

DRDO is working On Agni 6 Project. To make stronger and more range missile.


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