[Working In india] Finally Google’s New video chat app Google Duo Rolling out On Play Store


Google’s New video chat app “Google Duo”

  • [dropcap]After Announcing Of video chat app Google Duo Exactly Three Months Ago at Google I/O, Recently Google has submitted Blog Post Stating this new Video Chat App Rolling Out on Play Store. Duo Hangouts goods without all the complications and a simple 1 -on-1 video chat client is designed to be . This is based on your phone number , your contact list so you can chat with anyone that Duo out of the gate it is compatible with both Android and iOS . It is just a tap to start a call .[/dropcap]
  • When someone hits you on the Duo , the answer before you even see a live video of them ; As digital peephole. Google says the knock knock . Sound annoying ? You can turn it off , and unless the application is already open will be harder to knock down all the previews of iOS users do not see .

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    • Google is a protocol that alleged video chat services than the competition allows for superior video quality in duo called QUIC uses. Duo WiFi poor quality detection and original as well as mobile data can flip over. According to google report, Duo App is start showing up for download now, and Shortly will be available worldwide in a few days.

Download Google Duo App

NoteHere we are providing Download Link of Google Duo From Apkmirror But At this moment, there are some problem In SMS Verification, SMS verification only in the US and possibly in Canada to work , so if you don’t have number in those countries, you will likely have to wait a bit longer. Google says that it will be released around the world in the next few days , so we have some time for them to fire all your SMS server and put down the pitchforks .



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