Soon, Google To Launch Allo Messenger Desktop Version


Soon, Google To Launch Allo Messenger Desktop Version – In September, Google announced The Allo messenger Chat app with Google Assistant chat feature but not perform well. There is no Desktop Version Available for this app, You can use only in a smartphone but You’ll soon be able to use Google Allo on desktop

According to Tweet Of Nick Fox, who is the VP of communication products at Google, Recently posted a screenshot of Allo messenger desktop version on twitter but it is still in early development but unfortunately didn’t provide us with a specific time frame as to when it might be available, He said That.



Now Focus on a screenshot of Allo Messenger Desktop Version where you can see that Allo Messenger Desktop Version will offer more or less every feature users of the mobile app are used to.

Allo is essential to bring to the desktop, the service seeks to compete with Facebook Messenger and other applications. It will be interesting to see how much more users Google will be able to get on board once it brings Allo to a new platform.

Already mentioned, we do not know exactly when it will be released, but the fact that it is still in early development, based on the time it may take.


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