Flipkart Introducing its own accessories store Flipkart ‘SmartBuy’


Flipkart Introducing its own accessories store Flipkart ‘SmartBuy’. Flipkart has launched its own accessories store under its own private label. Flipkart dubbed as SmartBuy, the store will house retail electronic accessories and plastic products. Currently, SmartBuy catalouge only product on the wall charger, USB charger and data cable.

Among the accessories is priced at Rs 199 – Rs 399, affordable rates and price ranges. The Flipkart also says it will soon launch other popular electronic accessories like earphones, headphones, Bluetooth Speakers and power banks On SmartBuy Pages.

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SmartBuy further personal beauty accessories and 25-30 categories, including household plastic products will be expanded.

Adarsh Menon, head of private brands for Flipkart, said to TOI products will be sourced from third party manufacturers in India, China and Malaysia. “We are looking to address gaps in these categories. In areas where there aren’t many established brands, we expect our private labels to account for 70% of the sales in those spaces. And where big brands dominate, we hope to gain at least a 15% share with our private label,” he said.

Menon said the second best private labels are trying to decide on the name. He said that one or two more private labels can be added in the next year depending on the performance of the first two labels. “We are looking for major appliances and white goods takes time building our own brand label.” He said.



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