How To Enable Call Recording on CM11,CM12,CM13 and CM14

Enable Call Recording on CM11,CM12,CM13 and CM14: 
However, all smartphone company makers have not enable call recording feature because this ability is still not legal in some countries. But, if call recording is allowed in your country then do not hesitate to use that feature every time you make or receive a call.

And if you modified the system of your Android phone by rooting and then updating it using custom ROMs then this feature will be no longer available on your device. Also, this feature is not included on the most used ROMs for Android devices CM14, CM13, CM12 and CM11.

But still there is a way which makes this process even easier using Xposed Framework for this, your device have to be rooted and should have Xposed Framework installed on your android device.after that you just need to download and install the XCall Recording Settings Xposed module to Enable Call Recording in CM14, CM13, CM12 and CM11.


  • Make sure your device is rooted and have a root access.
  • Must have Installed or Flashed Xposed Framework.

Features Of Xcall Recording Settings :

  • Record incoming calls or outgoing calls only.
  • Use Voice Call audio source for recording

How To Enable Call Recording on CM11,CM12,CM13 and CM14 :

  1. Firstly, check the pre-requirements as listed above.
  2. Download the Xposed module – XCallRecordingSettings.
  3. Once it get intalled ,go to Xposed Installer>> Modules and enable the XCallRecordingSettings.
  4. Reboot Your device.
  5. And thats it !!!
    Now, every time you will make conversation ,the call record feature will be activated automatically.

If you don’t want this all complex things,there is also another method where all You have to just edit the build.prop file from setting folder in your device as per the post in Xposed Forum.

To enable it, edit build.prop and reboot-


Please report if it works.
Notice that it will work only for CM ROMs (mostly nightlies).

Let me have your questions or doubts in the comment section below related to the post.



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