How to Delete Google Voice Search History


Google added new feature Google voice search. By google voice search we can open all apps, dial call to any one. It’s make easy to use smart phone.

Most of  people don’t know that google store voice search history. Google recording this data in it’s server. All calls and search history stored in google server. As company says by this they can serve better search result. Company shows advertisement as per public interest. Now question is that, How to Delete Google Voice Search History ?

google voice search
google voice search

Google History not visible to anyone other than Google. If you want to delete the data, follow these steps.

1. Open the Google My Activity page for Voice and Audio.
2. Enter your password Sign in to your Google account.
3. Now you’ll see all of your voice search and audio history stored on Google servers.
4. At the top of any of these clips, above the Play Now button, click the vertical three dots icon.
5. Click Delete. This will delete individual audio clips.
6. To delete all of your audio clips from Google servers, click Delete activity by on the left sidebar or try click here.
7. Under Delete by date click Today. This will open a drop-down menu.
8 Select All time.
9. Click Delete & This will delete all of your voice search history.

How to stop Google from recording your voice is as follows.

1. Head to the Google My Activity Controls page.
2. Scroll down to Voice & Audio Activity.
3. Turn Off the switch next to Voice & Audio Activity.


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