CES, MWC, Nintendo, Apple and Other Event Coming this year


CES, MWC, Nintendo, Apple, Facebook F8, Google I/O, Computex, Microsoft Build 2017, WWDC 2017, E3,CES Asia & MWC Asia,Vidcon,Gamescom, IFA

CES (January)

Consumer Electronics Show is held in Las Vegas every year. This year around 20,000 gadgets to be lunched in this event. Not big announcement in this event but Interesting gadgets like: smart cars, robots.

Nintendo Switch (January)


Nintendo organize event every year. It’s game base event. In this event intresting games to be lunched. This year Super Mario for android mobiles will lunched in this event.

MWC (February – March)

Mobile World Congress MWC
Mobile World Congress MWC

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is held in Barcelona. This event is actually for smartphone announcement. Smartphone companies will announce amazing smart phones. This year iphone, Samsung, HTC will gave big announcement. This year King maker Companies Nokia will come back with their android smartphone.

Apple event (March)

In this year Apple will announce new iPad and Mac models in this event.Apple has previously used this event to launch the iPhone SE.

Facebook F8 (March)

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s developer conference F8 will in March. Some big announcement related to Social media will done in this event.
You can expect Instagram or Whats App also will get update in this event.

Google I/O (May)
This event is for google or android lovers. In this event Android next version or big changes in google or android will announce. In this event Google Pixel next series will be announce.

Computex (May)
It will be organize in Taiwan annually. It is the one of the big event for PC lunch. If you are interested in PC building then this event is for you.

Microsoft Build 2017 (May)
This event is about developer. In this event New windows or windows 10 up gradation and new thing coming from Microsoft will be announced.

WWDC 2017 (June)
It was conduct by apple. In this developer event next iPad,iPhone version up gradation will announce.

E3 (June)
If you are interested in games then ready for this event. In this event new games and trailer of games will be lunched.

CES Asia & MWC Asia (June)
It’s conduct in china. All Asian countries will take part. In this start up companies also take part. In this all gadgets from Asian countries will display.

VidCon (June)
If you are interested in photography and you are youtuber then this event is for you. In this event camera makers companies will come and it will interesting for photographers.

Gamescom (August)
Gamescom is one of the biggest gaming events of the year.It will be in Germany. In this different games will relesed on hardware side Nvdia, Intel, AMD will shows their different graphics at the event.
IFA (September)
IFA is held in Berlin every year. In this event biggest smartphone makers will announce smart phones. In this event other home appliances also lunched.

iPhone event (September)
Apple’s iPhone launch could also be the biggest technology event of the year. Expect to see new iPhones and perhaps even a new Apple Watch, apart from accessories. Apple may even hold an event in October 2017 to launch new Mac Books, but this doesn’t always happen so we’ll just have to wait and watch.


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