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Why e-Learning is Better ?

Let us go back to the age where books dominated the education sector. Books were the sole source of procuring knowledge and information. But, with the advent of technology books are being slowly replaced by e-books. Devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets are gradually replacing books as people are becoming tech savvy!

These gadgets are convenient, due to various factors like portability, good battery backup with huge internal memory. Many studies have proved that e-learning in teaching is beneficial and proliferation of this technology in classrooms are accelerating. With tablets, there are a lot of possible benefits for students and educators alike.

E learning
E learning

These devices are exciting to use as they have engaging applications, which form a bone of contention as many parents are still concerned whether video-based learning is a tech trifle or does it really help students to perform better than analog instructions. There are many studies that have proved that video learning is propitious than learning from a book.

1. A study at Oklahoma University concluded that 75% of students agreed that video based learning enhanced their learning.
2. According to Pearson Foundation’s survey, more than six in ten college students and high school seniors agree that e-learning help students study more efficiently (66% and 64%) and help students to perform better in class (64% and 63%).
3. University of California-Irvine Medical School reported e-learning equipped medical students scored 23% higher on national exams than previously unequipped classes.

When Mark Zuckerberg on India Visit In Speech He mention Byju’s as best online learning app.

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Byju’s has taken the education sector in India by storm! Byju’s have revolutionized the way of learning by introducing ‘state of the art’ technology which encourages adaptive learning through digital content like videos, graphics, and animation which coerces the students to explore and learn more.

Byju’semphasizes on e-learning which helps a student to understand and remember better. Complex concepts are simplified for student’s better understanding of revamped teaching. India’s best mentors are at Byju’s who guide students to get the best.

  • Latest and the best information

Consider the traditional textbooks, the major problem seekers encounter, is the outdated information.The same exercise books and text books stay for a long time with no new information input until the books are reprinted. Whereas, with this technology, one can get the latest information which will keep the user updated.

  • Video learning

Video learning has lots of advantages as it helps in better retention into memory. Graphics, videos, and animation tend to stay longer in a person’s memory than reading plain text. It is made easier to understand the complex concepts related to Physics, Chemistry, and, Mathematics which in turn enhances the learning and reasoning abilities.

  • Library in your pocket

With all the resources available at one place, it is easy for a student to search for information needed to be backed by relevant information which is useful to enhance the knowledge on different subjects be it Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics or any other concurrently with all the latest tidbit.

  • Anytime-anywhere studying

Due to the best feature of portability, a student can study at their own pace. Not all the students have
the same capability, few can grasp easily and there are some who need more time to understand.Classroom teaching follows the same tempo and it is difficult for students. With e-learning, they can re-run a topic/section several times to thoroughly understand.

  • Time management

Students have a tough time managing time between school/college/work hours and coaching classes.
Due to extensive commuting, it is hard to concentrate on studies. But, with the tablet, a student can study at the comfort of their homes or while traveling. Studying can be done when students are at the peak of their energy.

  • Reduced study materials

Carrying around books are cumbersome. But, with Byju’s, it is easy to carry loads of information in one device which can be easily indexed and categorized according to one’s preference. Uploading of digital content is easy and also helps a user to potentially save on books.In an era, where the competition has skyrocketed, it is tough for the kids to manage school, tuitions,assignments, and the much-needed play time. Byju’s way of learning is adaptive and is customized to adjust to every student’s needs without compromising the quality of education. Download Byju’s – The learning app today, and see the difference.

BYJU'S – The Learning App
BYJU'S – The Learning App
Developer: BYJU'S
Price: To be announced


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