Airtel offers – Buy iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus At Just Rs.19990 in India (FAQ’s)


Airtel has announced its new offer with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus through retail shops and online starting today. Airtel has offering special offer for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users 10 GB free 4G/3G data per month for one year with any Airtel Infinity postpaid plan, in addition to plan benefits. So, over the duration of one year these users get additional 120 GB 4G/3G data. Airtel will also offer for both the phone on contract for postpaid customers. For the iPhone 7 32GB version you will have to pay down payment Of Rs. 19,990 and choose one of the monthly plans.

Airtel Infinity postpaid plans offer unlimited voice calling – local, STD, and on national roaming – along with bundled 4G/3G data, SMS and free subscription to Wynk Music and Wynk Movies. The 1999, 2499 and 2999 plans with iPhone 7 or 7 Plus offer 5GB, 10GB and 15GB free data, respectively.


  1. What is this offer and how can I get it?

This offer allows you to get an iPhone 7 for a fraction of its market price. All you need to do is sign up for one of the following Airtel iPhone mobile plans (‘Plan’) for a minimum period of 12 months. You shall be required to pay the Minimum Initial Payment for the device value upfront and the rest shall be paid for by Bajaj Finance Ltd. (”BFL”) by way of loan for the device which you shall avail, in addition to signing up for the mobile plan under this offer. At the end of 12 months, you can come back, return the device and upgrade to the latest iPhone subject to the terms and conditions of Airtel.

1999 plan-5GB data+ Unlimited calling (local/STD/roaming- mobile+ fixed line)
2499 plan-10GB data + Unlimited calling (local/STD/roaming- mobile+ fixed line)
2999 plan-15GB data+ Unlimited calling (local/STD/roaming- mobile+ fixed line)

As part of subscribing to the Plan, you shall be signing up for BFL to finance the device value over and above the Minimum Initial Payment at 0% rate of interest. You need to come back any time during the 13th month to return the device.

In case you wish to retain the device, a ‘Balloon Payment’ (given in the table below) will be auto-debited from your account by BFL.

2. Why should I buy this device from Airtel?

You should buy this device from us for the following reasons:
• Upgrade to the latest iPhone every year without having to pay the full price
• Enjoy Unlimited calling and loads of data
• Affordability solution at 0% interest
• Single monthly bill
• Assured buy-back value at the end of 12 months

3. How much do I need to pay?

The following are the models that we have on offer.

Model Billing Price (Rs) Down Payment (Rs) Monthly Plan Options (Rs) Balloon Payment (Rs)
iPhone 7
(32 GB)
59998 19,990 1999/2499/2999 24000
iPhone 7
(128 GB)
69998 29,490 1999/2499/2999 24500
iPhone 7
(256 GB)
79998 35,990 1999/2499/2999 28000
iPhone 7 Plus
(32 GB)
72000 30,792 1999/2499/2999 25200
iPhone 7 Plus
(128 GB)
82000 37,292 1999/2499/2999 28700
iPhone 7 Plus
(256 GB)
92000 43,792 1999/2499/2999 32200


4. Do I need to buy an Airtel connection to avail the offer or can I get this on my existing number?

Only an Airtel subscriber may avail the Plan. All you need to do is take one of the three mobile plans that we offer in connection with the ‘iPhone for Life’ scheme.
In case you do not have an Airtel connection, either you can buy a new connection, or opt for prepaid to postpaid migration, or port your number to Airtel to avail this offer.

5What is the time period of my contract with Airtel?

This is a 12-month contract, post which you can come back to the outlet from where you purchased the device and return the device subject to the terms of the Plan and upgrade to the latest model. (please log on to for the T&Cs and the list of participating outlets)

6What happens if I want to retain my device?

You may retain your device after 12 months if you have paid all the EMIs for the loan on the device regularly till the 12th month. The EMIs shall form part of the bill amount under the Plan. Thereafter, BFL will debit the remaining outstanding amount (‘Balloon Payment’) from your account and your contract with Airtel for the Plan will terminate and your loan with BFL will be closed.

7. What happens in case I want to discontinue the plan before 12 months are over?

In case you want to discontinue the plan before the contract period is over, you will need to foreclose your loan with BFL and carry your No Objection Certificate (NOC) from BFL to one of our stores that will process your request. You will then be allowed to terminate this contract for the Plan and take up any other Airtel plan that you choose.

8. How do I get my NOC?

To view and download your NOC post loan closure, login to BFL’s Customer Portal Experia > Select View Loan Details > NOC, or NOC will be sent to your registered email ID post closure of your loan in BFL’s system.

Alternatively, it can be accessed/ downloaded from My Relations> Loan> Loan Statement tab or BFL’s Mobile App.

To receive your NOC, SMS NOC to 9225764444 from your registered mobile number.

9. How do I foreclose my loan?

Loan can be closed through the BFL customer portal- Experia or by visiting the BFL branch.

10. How can I get my Statement of Account / Repayment Schedule with respect to the loan?

You can view and also download your Statement of Account or Repayment Schedule on Customer Portal. Log in to the Customer Portal > View loan details > Click view details icon > Select loan statement > Click Statement of Account > Open/ save the PDF document alternatively, your SOA is forwarded to your registered email ID every month. To receive your SOA, SMS SOA to 9227564444 from your registered mobile number.

To receive your Repayment schedule, SMS REPSCH from your registered mobile number

11. How do I get additional information about my loan?

You can send your queries to BFL at [email protected] or visit your nearest BFL branch. To find your nearest branch, please visit

12. Is this plan available for Company Owned Company Paid (COCP) customers?

This plan is currently available only for retail and Company Owned Individual Paid (COIP) customers.

13. Can someone in my family use the plan while I use the device?

Yes, in case you do not want to change your existing plan, you can take the plan for a family member and you can continue to use the device on your existing plan.

14. What happens if I change my plan before the 12 months are over?

You can only switch between the 3 plans on offer under this contract. In order to change your plan to an open market plan, you will need to foreclose your loan with BFL and share your No Objection Certificate (NOC) with the Airtel touch point where you are submitting your plan change request.

15. What happens if I damage my device during the contract period?

As per standard Apple DOA policy, in case you damage your device, you will need to get it repaired/replaced through and Apple care center and carry the document that mentions the IMEI change

16. How do I exit this contract?

The only way to exit the contract is to foreclose your loan with Bajaj Finance Ltd. and share your NOC with Airtel

17. Are there any other restrictions while I am on this plan?

The following restrictions will apply to you while you are on this plan. You cannot:

  • a. Apply for Mobile Number Portability
  • b. Churn out of the Airtel network
  • c. Give a transfer of ownership request
  • d. Request for safe custody
  • e. Migrate from postpaid to prepaid

In order to do any of the above, you will need to foreclose your loan with Bajaj Finance Ltd. and carry the No Objection Certificate provided by them to any of the stores.

18. What documents do I need to sign up for this plan?

You will first be required to sign up for a loan with BFL, for BFL to determine your eligibility, by submitting the following documents to BFL:

  • 1. ID proof
  • 2. Address proof of current residence
  • 3. Cancelled cheque
  • 4. Income proof by way of 2 bank statements and 2 months’ salary slip

Once your loan gets approved, you will need to sign up for an Airtel postpaid plan for which the following documents will be required:

  • a. Photograph
  • b. Proof of identity
  • c. Address proof of current residence
  • d. Cancelled cheque
19. Is ECS mandatory for sign up?

Yes, ECS is mandatory under this offer. You will be required to sign one ECS mandate with Airtel and one ECS mandate with BFL.

20. What happens if I am not eligible for the loan?

If you are not eligible for the loan through Bajaj Finance Limited, you will be unable to avail this offer.

21. What happens to the Airtel plan after 12 months?

After 12 months, you can change to any plan that you like. In case you do not confirm which plan you would like to move to, we will move you to the following default rentals with the same benefits as your iPhone plan:
1999- 1199 rental
2499-1599 rental
2999- 1999 rental

22. Which cities is this offer available in?

Please log on to to know the locations where you can avail this offer.

23. Where can I return my device?

You will need to return the device to the outlet from where it was originally purchased.

24. Can I return my device before the contract period is over?

Once the loan has been disbursed, you cannot return the device until the 13th month. You will be given a period of 30 days (from the end of month 12 to month 13) to return the device to the outlet from where it was originally purchased.

25. What happens in case I am unable to return the device in month 13?

In case you are unable to return the device in month 13, the balloon amount (along with any other dues) will automatically be debited from your account by BFL and you can retain your device.

26. What happens if the store does not accept my device after 12 months?

Only phones that are in working condition (without any physical damage) will be accepted by the store. In case the store rejects the device due to poor quality, the balloon payment will be debited from your account.

Refer to Annexure 1 for Device Return Guidelines

27. What number do I call in case I have any queries?

You can contact our Call Center at 121 for any plan-related queries.


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